Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023: Claim Your Free Holiday Cup

Starbucks is renowned for its iconic red cups, a beloved symbol of the holiday season. But beyond the festive charm, Starbucks is deeply committed to reducing its environmental impact. Each year, the company offers customers the opportunity to get a free reusable red cup.


This initiative aligns with Starbucks' broader sustainability objectives to reduce its waste footprint by 50% before 2030. Encouraging the use of reusable cups is one of the ways Starbucks is committed to meeting this goal.


Starbucks Red Cup Day is an annual event where customers can receive a free reusable red cup upon purchasing any handcrafted fall or holiday beverage. Although the official date and the list of qualifying holiday drinks for 2023 are yet to be confirmed, historically, the event occurs on the third Thursday of November.


Based on expectations, Starbucks enthusiasts anticipate that Red Cup Day will fall on November 16, 2023, but this date is subject to change.


To claim your complimentary red cup, simply visit any Starbucks store in the United States or Canada on November 16 and order any handcrafted fall or holiday beverage. Remember, these free cups are available while supplies last, so consider arriving early!


Tips to Make the Most of Your Starbucks Red Cup Day Experience:

  • Save the date (November 16, 2023), and aim to arrive early to secure your free red cup.
  • Purchase any handcrafted fall or holiday beverage to qualify for the complimentary cup.
  • Reuse your red cup whenever you visit Starbucks to enjoy a 10-cent discount on your drink.
  • Care for your reusable red cup to extend its use over many holiday seasons to come!


Participating in Starbucks Red Cup Day not only scores you a free gift but also contributes to lessening your environmental impact. Be sure to visit Starbucks on November 16 and get your hands on the coveted red cup!

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